As a mom of two adorable children, I was always trying to find a way to tell my kids when to expect things. It was very difficult to leave the playground, difficult to take a bath, difficult to wait a turn, and unfortunately, incredibly difficult to avoid arguments.

Then one day I had the idea to replace minutes on an analog watch with animals - something my son knew and recognized. I decided to try this method when my son was only 2.5 years old, and much to my excitement, it worked! 😀 Learning how to tell time was suddenly turned from a chore into something fun! When he was comfortable with the animals, I introduced hours by replacing them with colors - simple things that preschoolers are already familiar with - and it was a victory! My son was able to understand the concept of time at just 3 years old! Thus, the Preschool Watch was born!

My husband and I decided to produce the Preschool Watch and the Preschool Clock to help other parents teach the concept of time to their preschoolers and improve their family time just like we did.

To make the Preschool Watch as fun for little kids as possible, I’ve created 6 essential strap designs for preschoolers: Mermaid, Princess, Unicorn, Construction trucks, Fire trucks, and Dinosaurs. I’ve also added glow-in-the-dark animal icons because my son absolutely loves this magical feature! 😉

Since I wanted to have a connection between the Preschool Clock and a normal analog clock, I created the Play Clock so you can introduce hour figures and play around with the Activity Stickers. The Activity Stickers can be stuck on the Play Clock or directly on the Preschool Clock to signal specific activities that your preschooler will do throughout the day. With Activity Stickers, you can teach your child how to follow a schedule (lunchtime, bath time, playground, reading time, etc…) and when your child is ready, add the number stickers right onto the colors so they can learn how to tell time from standard clocks and watches too.

We are thrilled to introduce this product to other parents because it has changed the way our own family operates in such an incredible way. Our days flow smoother as our preschooler grows, and it’s amazing to watch our children feel empowered by learning their own routines and schedule.

We care about your thoughts and comments, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with your experience, advice or remarks.

Thank you and enjoy some wonderful, argument-free times with your family!


Founder and CEO

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Join the Preschool Learning Club!