What is it & when can you start?

The New Time Learning Method is a simple & proven method for preschoolers to learn the concept of time without numbers, using play! There is NO NEED TO COUNT to use Preschool Watch & Clock.

Preschool Watch & Clock are effective because they use a measurement of time that preschoolers understand: colors and animals. Through our system, COLORS = HOURS and ANIMALS = MINUTES. As soon as your child can recognize animals and colors, you can start using Preschool Watch & Clock!

The goal is not to tell time with animals and colors, but to help preschoolers situate themselves in time and establish daily routines long before they are capable of reading a real watch.

Goals achieved with Preschool Watch & Clock: 

  • Give parents and preschool teachers a new positive parenting tool
  • Empower preschoolers with knowledge about time
  • Help preschoolers be patient
  • Avoid power struggles by letting preschoolers know what to expect and when
  • Help preschoolers establish daily routines
  • IMPROVE Family Time

❤  Thanks to the playful and easy-to-use structure of Preschool Watch & Clock, you will enjoy less power struggles & improve family time! ❤ 

Build up the concept of time in 3 easy steps:

Start with the big hand & animals (= minutes) and when your preschooler feels comfortable, introduce the small hand & colors (= hours). 

Time Learning Method - Preschool Watch & Clock for kids - Preschool Collection

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Join the Preschool Learning Club!